Our Structure

The Shotokan International Alliance is composed of two interrelated sub groups – members and affiliates.

SIA Members are an exclusive, close knit network of national and regional Shotokan organisations, single dojos, and individual Shotokan practitioners. Members have access to skill development, high-level instruction, technical training, and internationally recognised rank and certification. Members come to us with a desire to enhance, build upon, and expand the technical and philosophical foundations of the JKA style of Shotokan karate.

SIA Affiliates compose an interactive consortium of Shotokan groups and individuals with existing highly recognised technical standards. Unlike other multi-association karate organisations, the Affiliation is not competition based and does not require exclusivity of membership.

Please send questions and statements of interest regarding Shotokan International Alliance
membership or affiliation directly to Chairman Edmond Otis at
[email protected]