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Character | Sincerity | Dedication | Etiquette | Self – Control

Why Now?

As it currently stands, today’s Shotokan world is a bit chaotic.

Karate practitioners are interested in how Shotokan’s principles, excitement, philosophies, and training methods strengthen us to deal with the challenges we face in the real world – not just the karate world.

The Shotokan International Alliance (SIA) Mission Statement is simple:

Provide an arena for Shotokan groups, instructors and students to grow and develop in the art, free of politics and separatism.

We accept direct membership and welcome affiliation with like-minded groups – in accordance with the Alliance’s guidelines and criteria.

Please send questions and statements of interest regarding Shotokan International Alliance
membership or affiliation directly to Chairman Edmond Otis at
[email protected]

Application For Membership
Application for Affiliation