Character | Sincerity | Dedication | Etiquette | Self – Control

Why Now?

As it currently stands, today’s Shotokan world is a bit chaotic.

Karate practitioners are interested in how Shotokan’s principles, excitement, philosophies, and training methods strengthen us to deal with the challenges what is testosterone propionate we face in the real world – not just the karate world.

The Shotokan International Alliance (SIA) Mission Statement is simple:

Provide an arena for Shotokan groups, instructors and students to grow and develop in the art, free of politics and separatism.

We accept direct membership and welcome affiliation with like-minded groups – in accordance with the Alliance’s guidelines and criteria.

Please send questions and statements of interest regarding Shotokan International Alliance
membership or affiliation directly to Chairman Edmond Otis at
[email protected]